Non-Invasive Neuromodulation

The NESA® non-invasive neuromodulation health technology was born out of the need to stabilize the correct functioning of the vegetative nervous system of patients, due to the fact that many of the patients have a deteriorated nervous system base, causing an increase in stress, anxiety, quality of sleep and/or increased corticalized pain, among others.

We produce the stabilization of the vegetative nervous system without invasively attacking the person, it is carried out almost imperceptibly and as a substrate treatment to improve the basis of the organism, the nervous system. In this area we describe in detail the functions and characteristics of the NESA XSIGNAL® non-invasive neuromodulation technology, and how it covers all the needs you need as a healthcare provider for the care of your patients' vegetative disorders.

After many years of clinical experience and work records with the non-invasive neuromodulation NESA® with hundreds of healthcare professionals, we have created the methodology that allows hundreds of healthcare professionals to work efficiently on improving the autonomic nervous system of patients. Learn more in this section, about the specialized units of Rehabilitation of the autonomic nervous system, that through scientific evidence and from a rigorous knowledge of each clinical standard, we efficiently achieve the optimization of the functioning of the vegetative nervous system in patients.